Some folks would like to know where their donations are going, when they donate. I’ll get to those specific organizations in a moment, but first I want to put out a general message about who I am riding for.

I am riding for all of the girls under 10 years old who were abducted today from their villages around the world to be abused or sold into the sex trade. For the 12 year old that was forced into sexual slavery at the age of five, who has already had multiple abortions, and contracted HIV. I’m riding for you.

I’m riding for the high school sophomore who ran away from home thinking her life was bad. Within 48 hours, she had been preyed on by a pimp, promising her a warm place to stay, food, and clothing…Now, she’s beat up daily, forced to service 5-20 men a night, and is threatened with death if she leaves. I’m riding for you.

I’m riding for the brother and sister, 7 and 9 years old, who were kidnapped in Uganda…Forced to watch as their parents were shot and killed in front of them, the girl was then raped repeatedly while the boy was trained to be a child soldier. Many others were brutally maimed and disfigured, most died. I’m riding for you.

I’m riding for the girl who makes a desperate dash to escape her pimp/trafficker, knowing she could die attempting to do so, and bangs wildly on a strangers door, begging for help. This girl, thankfully, is getting help from an amazing organization whose purpose is to bring healing to victims of sexual trafficking. I’m riding for you.

These are real stories. And more like them are happening today, and every day, around the world. In our own country. In your city, possibly.

If any of that made you uncomfortable, then, in the words of Bono:

Sorry, didn’t mean to bug  ya…

But Bono wasn’t sincere in his apology, and neither am I. I hope it bugs you a lot. A whole heck of a lot. And if it doesn’t, I’d go have my heart checked. And my soul.

I’m riding so that all victims of human trafficking, captive and freed, at home and abroad, can find freedom.

Obviously, physically captive victims need to be freed. That’s pretty clear. But lost among the whole issue of human trafficking is the rights and the needs of those who have been freed, who are still chained to the hellish experience they just endured. They need help in a multitude of ways. They need healing. Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, in so many ways. So I am not overlooking you…I am riding for you.

Listed below are the organizations I am going to be riding for. I will be giving all donations in a percentage to each organization, so the more I raise, the more I can give to each organization. Please help me in this! Even if it’s the cost of one latte, or one Sunday newspaper, or one day of golf a month, or holding a garage or bake sale, whatever it is, please make that personal sacrifice to help another person.

Please help me make a profound difference in the life of another who desperately needs help.

So please.. I’ll be riding over 5,000 miles in just a 45 day period… Hop on this journey with me. I’ll do the pedaling and the sweating, if you’ll just give: a donation, your time to tell others, pray, hold a bake sale, post this website on Facebook…I need your help. THEY need your help. Thank you.

Dug Shelby

The organizations I’m sponsoring:

Bombay Teen Challenge






The Well House












The Oasis Projekt




2 Comments on “WHY?

  1. Good for you. This is something to ride, hike, or fight for. If there were only more people out there to help. My heart goes to you while on your journey. Be safe.

  2. Dug,

    I was pleased to meet you and your very unusual bike, not to mention to find out about your journey and cause. Having met/heard about two cyclists in the past year cycling to end human trafficking, I’m impressed. Yes, I’ll be sending along a donation, as well. Keep it up; keep at it; keep your spirits up. You’re on the good road.

    Patrick/Silver City, NM

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