Going through San Antonio

Slept incredibly well last night! I had bedded down in a small town, behind some ready-made sheds folks can buy, and knew the forecast called for rain. Sure enough, the rain came, and I just moved inside one of the open sheds. Urban stealth camping at its finest. 🙂

I woke in the morning, and made my way towards San Antonio, and a scheduled meeting with Helen, a photographer for the Express-News newspaper. We took some shots, and she was awesome. With our photoshoot over, I ducked into a Starbucks to recharge my phone & grab lunch.

I remember the first time I visited San Antonio. I was 5 or 6 years old, and we were on a family vacation to Mississippi. We stopped in San Antonio, and had dinner on the Riverwalk. My dad bought a rose, handed it to me and whispered, “Give this to your mom.” I did, and remember her expression & reaction so well. It was an awesome moment. It made me miss both of my parents very much, but also thankful for the memories I carry with me.

Next up, heading towards Austin, where I get to visit with some very good friends who just moved there.

Doing well, enjoying riding in the rain, and excited to be on this journey! If you feel led to donate to the cause, please do. It’s super easy. All donations go 100% to the three organizations I am sponsoring on this ride.




One Comment on “Going through San Antonio

  1. Sending up major prayers your way Dug!!! This is Camilla from Orange County, we met the beginning of Sept as you as our cab driver for the weekend. I started to follow you on Instagram to watch your journey. Keep it up! Looking forward to reconnecting in the future. Much love

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