Pedal Power Countdown: 245 Days Until ‘Lift Off’….or ‘Pedal Off’…or Whatever It’s Called When You’re Pedaling!

245 days.

It seems like a big number, doesn’t it? But it’s actually less time than I used to prepare for my Pacific Crest Trail hike in 2011. The remaining days are going to fly by, I know that from experience. Unlike my PCT hike for victims of human trafficking, I have much of my gear already figured out, and most of my sponsors have been secured. This time around, though, I have different aspects to consider. The route, unlike the PCT, is up to me to plan. There are speaking engagements to schedule and prepare for, visits with those I’m raising money for, and other logistical issues. Not to mention all the while I’m preparing for the ride, I am preparing the non-profit I am building…not only the paperwork I will have to file for the 1023, the 501(c)3 designation, and the LLC incorporation status, but the intellectual groundwork that will be the base of the non-profit. It is no exaggeration to say that the easiest part of this whole process will be actually getting on the bike and pedaling 100+ miles a day. At that point, adventure mode kicks in and the order of the day is to keep pedaling and survive the trip, one day at a time.

The amazing bike that I will be riding has been completed, and is just waiting to be shipped from Brazil to the United States. My friend Jeremy, who is an expert in international shipping, helped me figure out the best way to get the bike over from Brazil…and it was almost too obvious. I’m thankful for his insight, though, as it was invaluable. I have been coordinating via phone and email with Klaus, the bamboo bike guru based in Brazil, on shipping. I’m hoping all goes well! When I finally pedal into New York next October, it will be the first time a wooden recumbent bicycle will have made that journey across the country. Cool stuff!

I’ve been discussing more specifics with those organizations I will be riding to benefit, and I will be posting a detailed report about exactly where your donations will go within each organization. I think this is very important for you, the donor, so that you can really get a sense of specifically who and what you are helping with.

I’m also setting up some interesting new ways to donate, as well, and I will be sharing those with you in the coming days.

Please keep this project in your thoughts and prayers, please tell others about it, and please consider donating if you haven’t already.

The “big push” is here…I’m at the starting line for this very crucial lead-in time of planning and preparation. From here on out, you may see a lot of me on here, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, your phone, your mailbox, your inbox, and maybe even in your own living room. (I’ll be sure to knock first, of course…)

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, feel free to do that now if you’d like. It will be *THE* place to stay up-to-date & informed on every aspect of this effort. This will be THE hub of my trip…even when I update from the road, I will be updating straight to here first. If you want to add me on any other social medium, I’d love that too. I’ll put the details below.

Hope this finds everyone well, happy, and free!



Twitter: OasisProjekt Facebook: Dug Shelby and/or Oasis Projekt YouTube: Oasis Projekt Instagram: FreedomPanda FreedomPanda


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