A Look Behind the Scenes: Klaus Volkmann, Bamboo Recumbent Bike Builder! (+ new bike update pictures!)

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Klaus astride one of his bamboo recumbents

I’ve been sharing with everyone the bike building photos I am receiving from Klaus, who is constructing by hand the bike I will be riding across the country. He just sent some more my way, and I want to share them as well. These are really going to be fun to see. They really show some of Klaus’ personality, something that he really has no shortage of!

Klaus, taking a break from riding with a metal-bike-riding friend.

I’d like to share a little about Klaus as well, to give a little illumination behind the person building the bike.

Klaus lives in Brazil, and is the first flutist of the state orchestra of Rio Grande do Sul. In his spare time he loves to take adventures on the bikes he builds by hand from bamboo. He has been working with bamboo for quite a while, and has a keen desire to form a company that would be able to produce bamboo bikes for others around the world. He sees the art of working with bamboo something that is very natural and good for our planet, as well as extremely enjoyable and calming. Of course, riding bicycles lower the overall emissions and pollution in the air we breathe, so that’s another important factor he is sensitive to.

His flute playing makes Ron Burgundy look like an amatuer. And that's a scientific fact!

When I first contacted Klaus about the possibility of working with me on this venture, he was on a several week ride on one of his bamboo recumbent bikes, and his response to my letter was very enthusiastic. It included many exclamation marks and encouraging adjectives! Needless to say, as I have spent time getting to know him through our correspondence, Klaus has turned out to be just what I expected from those early interactions: energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent, bubbly, kind, big-hearted with a hilarious sense of humor and love for other people and the world he lives in.

Klaus burning natural fuels

His immediate goals, presently, are continuing with his first love, music, and also to put the pieces in place for his other dream: building bamboo bicycles with the company he is dreaming of starting. Also in the mix, he is looking to buy his own house, so there’s a lot going on for him at the present time!

In Klaus’ own words:

“I’m a very simple person. I just need some fresh and beautiful fruits, other nice raw vegan food, my spiritual peace and my friends to be happy. 
I know that every thing we produce will cause damage to our planet and to us, living beings.
The fact is that bamboo recumbent bikes inspire people and spread happiness. I believe that the damage of constructing bamboo bikes is very little compared to the benefit and this is my motivation to build the bikes.”

Triple 'B': Bamboo, Brazil, Beautiful

Without further ado, the newest photographs of the “Great Bamboo Recumbent Bike Build of 2012!”  🙂

Here is Tiago, a bamboo master and friend of Klaus', working on some of the finer pieces of the bike. The main frame can be seen on the table to the left, stained and looking beautiful!

Always giving the smile away, with a double thumbs up for good measure!

Working on a special project...of course, with a smile!

Tiago focused on his current task

Every artist needs to have some time to eat! A homemade fruit bowl

There's only so much time you can devote to the bike in one day...here, Klaus works on the special project that will help him "focus" better....

Yes. This is the man building my bike!

The glasses didn't come off when they went out to get more food...You have to see what you're eating, right?

And a great way to end the day: MORE food, good friends, and your homemade bamboo spectacles!


So that, ladies and gentlemen, is a little peek inside the latest moments of the bike build happening right now in Brazil. And also a little peek into the life and great big personality of the man behind the bike’s construction, Klaus Volkmann. I hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any questions, comments, or want to know where you can order a pair of those bamboo spectacles, leave a message down below in the comment box.




3 Comments on “A Look Behind the Scenes: Klaus Volkmann, Bamboo Recumbent Bike Builder! (+ new bike update pictures!)

  1. hi Klaus,pleasure to follow your motivation and bring bamboo a new light of functional art.
    yes this amazing green grass also triggers alot in me, our bow is drawed!

    next project is also to put a bamboo recumbent together and thanks for sharing here your knowledge and expirience.

    yes her on guaduamor you can also have a look what bamboo can give as opportunitys…thanks to stay in touch….Klaus

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