SPONSORS: Welcome Crank Brothers and Keen!

I want to post a big welcome and “THANK YOU!” to both Crank Brothers and Keen.

Crank Brothers are makers of well crafted bike parts. Well known in the mountain bike arena, especially, their parts can be crossed over to road bikes as well. They have extended a very generous discount to me, which went beyond anything I was hoping for. I will be able to obtain some great items, notably the following:

"Mallet" Pedals. Clip in, but also a wide platform if I don't feel like clipping in.

Great bike pump, with built in pressure gauge, Lightweight, compact, just what I needed. There WILL be flats! 😦

19-use multi-tool. Again, compact, light, and keeps a good amount of needed small tools in one place.

Cleat clips. These will fit on the bottom of my Keen Arroyo Pedal sandals...

…among other items they have which I will need.

A great many thanks to Crank Brothers.

Keen makes high quality, durable, rugged footwear with the outdoors in mind. Or, as they put it, “Anywhere without a ceiling.” Their shoes and sandals, especially, are made extremely tough, and are durable as heck. I have a friend who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail last year, around the same time I did, and he loved his Keen shoes. Their customer service is legendary, and they care about the planet on top of everything else.

Keen Arroyo Pedal Sandal

They amazingly make a sandal that is for cycling. It has a place on the footbed where you can attach whatever clips for your pedals that you use, and you can pedal in comfort, and style. Cool thing is, the sandals can also be used as actual sandals, meaning, I will be able to get off of my bike, and walk around without switching shoes or adopting some strange walking style. Seriously…I was so stoked to find these sandals! I am NOT a shoe guy. I’m just not. Give my little piggies some room, and air to breathe, and they’re happy.

Recessed footbed area for clip plate.

So many thanks to Keen for supplying me with exactly the right pair of biking sandals I needed. Thank you guys so much.

I will continue to update the site with sponsors as they become available. If you have a product you think I may need and would like to contact me, please do so through the comment box below or email me directly at: oasisprojekt@gmail.com


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