BIKE UPDATE: “Stalking” the Frame!

(Photo By Jai Long. Photo used with permission. More good shots at his site:

Hello everyone! I hope the day where you are is not as rain-filled and hectic as mine! I’m in the process of moving, and the last thing to get boxed up is going to be my computer, myself, and my cat, “Pittsburgh.”

About to steam-clean all the carpets when I received an email update from Klaus Volkmann, who is the man behind the bike building madness taking place all the way over in Brazil. Really cool pictures, and thought I would share them here, before packing the rest of the way up and being “offline” for a few days while I travel and get settled into my new place.

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on how the bike is shaping up and what you think!

All I can say is, I’m excited! He has reached out to his friend Tiago, who is an expert  bamboo craftsman (pictured here in a couple of the photos).

I sent in some measurements for Klaus…..

Here’s Klaus and Tiago doing some work on the pieces of bamboo…Hard to see what is what yet, but in the background you can see one of Klaus’s earlier finished bikes.

They Never Stop Smiling! 🙂

And in this picture, you can really start to see the bike taking shape, and the stain and seal that has been applied to the wood. This is one thing that will keep the wood from being affected by the elements. Also, you can see where the fitting for the steering column has been fit in to the main frame piece, to the left of the screen. All the junctions of the bike will be reinforced with resin-coated carbon fiber, which will keep the bike from falling apart the first time I am caught in a rainstorm. 🙂 Also pictured is another “V” section that is a support for the seat, I think. I’m pretty sure, at least! We’ll soon see!

Starting to take shape!

So there it is….a quick little bike building update! It looks really good so far, and I am very excited to watch the build from a distance as Klaus works his magic. There are so many really cool aspects of this whole process, one of which is a bike builder in Brazil helping a guy in California who is helping victims of human trafficking around the world. And, as you can see from the pictures, having a GREAT time doing it!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into the building process, and I will post more pictures as I get them. Until then,

Many blessings,



4 Comments on “BIKE UPDATE: “Stalking” the Frame!

    • Hahaha, thanks Jai. You took a great photo! On the stalks leading upwards, I just placed some text…like the website address, the cause…not easy to see if you just glance at the photo! 🙂

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