BIKE UPDATE: First Build Pictures!

Whooo Hooo!

This .    Is .    Exciting !

Just received an email from Klaus on the progress of the bike frame. He says that the picture below is from the beginning of last week, and there’s been lots of work from then until today. All parts of the frame have already been cut, fire-treated, sanded and sealed.

He says he is contemplating two options regarding the front fork: either a two sided or one sided front fork. He says he is leaning towards the single fork. Wow. This is nuts. Actually seeing the first pictures…the actual wood that will carry me 5,000 miles across the country…all being shaped and built by an expert craftsman in another part of the world…

More pictures to come from the building process in Brazil, but for now…

Klaus with the main stalk. One of his completed bikes is in the background...


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