Rollin’ Out the Red Carpet: New Sponsors

This is how I view my sponsors...Thank you!

Unless you’re an independently wealthy individual, or do something like I’m about to do for an actual living…(there’s a few, I’m sure…right?), then you’ll need sponsors to make a trip like this happen.

And sponsors these are!

I want to highlight each sponsor for you, because they have gear  you might like to have, and also because they were awesome enough to sponsor me, and I feel so grateful that it’s the very least I could do. So, without further ado, in alphabeticalised orderings:

JANDD MOUNTAINEERING, makers of quality adventure travel, mountaineering, bicycle touring, commuting, and off-road cycling gear.

I’m so stoked to have Jandd on board, I really am. When Dave Sisson, the president of Jandd, told me they’d love to be on board with a sponsorship and wanted to support me in the cause I was riding for, it felt good. In a lot of ways, I have watched Jandd grow up. They started in Santa Barbara, my hometown, in the early 1980′s, and many shops around town started carrying Jandd products. I remember the buzz well. They were quickly adopted as THE best equipment in a young but growing market of adventure gear, and the coolest part: they were local.  In fact, I was in a wedding once, and the grooms gifts to his groomsman were Jandd fanny packs. I still have mine. True story.

Jandd grew up through the years, expanded from just the basic bags into more specialized lines, but never lost their desire for excellence. Their bags are even the #1 used bag systems for law enforcement bicycle units than any other gear company, and they are in the midst of developing EMT packs & bags as well.

SBPD bike units, n front of Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara.

 Their customer service is excellent, not to mention their bags are nearly bomb-proof, and come with a full lifetime warranty.

They sponsored me with an awesome bag designed specifically for the back of the recumbent’s seat, and will hold my sleeping bag, shelter, waterproof gear, among other things. Jandd also threw in a waterproof cover for the bag, and a waterproof helmet cover, both in bright safety yellow. Many thanks to Dave Sisson and Jandd for taking the leap of faith and sponsoring this ride.

Recumbent “Day Trip” Pannier Bag


PROOF EYEWEAR, makers of sustainable wood eyewear.

Not only do they create some pretty cool sunglasses from multiple types of sustainable woods (bamboo, cherry, sandalwood, lacewood, and more), they aspire to “Do Good.” What the means in a practical sense is that they want to help other people. For every set of sunglasses they sell, a good portion goes to provide sight-giving surgery to an individual in need in India. They started the sunglass industries first recycling program. Due to the recent natural disasters in Haiti, there is only 2% forested area left, so Proof  is working with local NGO’s to help replant trees that are native to Haiti.

 All pretty cool work that Proof  really doesn’t have to do. But they WANT to. That’s the type of business model I’m talking about! On top of everything, they make most of their models in a bamboo option (among other woods), and since I’m going to be riding a bamboo bicycle…well, it just seemed “natural.” :)

The “Boise”…the style they are setting me up with.

 Since I’m a little nearsighted, I’ll be going with the model that they have set up for prescription lenses, the “Boise.” This is very fortuitous, since that was the model I think would look best on my funny looking melon of a head. Perfect. Who could ask for anything more?

I will be wearing these while riding so that I don’t crash into things, and also just ‘around’ when I want to look smarter. Perception is everything. Depth perception is a close second.

So again, huge thanks to both Jandd and Proof!


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