Riding for Hope and Healing

Hello and Welcome to the home for my cross country, 5,000 mile ride to help victims of human trafficking!

This September, 2013, I will be attempting to ride from the California coast to the waters of the Atlantic in New York. I’ll be trying to accomplish this in just 45 days (an average of 111 miles a day) with special pre-arranged speaking engagements scheduled along the way. I will not be staying in hotels, but rather camping each night. I’ll be riding along some of the most widely used human trafficking routes of today, as well as riding along the old “Underground Railroad” route from the gulf coast of Alabama to the Great Lakes of Ohio.

Oh…and I’ll be making the pedal-powered journey on a hand-made bamboo bicycle. Imported from Brazil. If you’re shaking your head, then you most likely read all of that accurately. Believe me, I find myself shaking my head at the idea almost daily!

(Kluas Volkmann, the bike's creator, taking it for a test ride in Brazil)

(Kluas Volkmann, the bike’s creator, taking it for a test ride in Brazil)

One of the most asked questions I get when I tell people what I’ll be doing is, “WHY?!?”

Well, when I was in India on a photo/video assignment with Nick Vujicic and the crew of  ‘Life Without Limbs,’ I came to understand firsthand the horrors of human trafficking. Very simply, my focus changed. I wanted to help. Two things were going against me, though, those being that I am not famous and I am not wealthy, so I can’t leverage my fame and wealth. But, I did an assessment of what I DID have going for me: I’m still in good shape, I am not married (translated: no family responsibilities like kids, a wife, and supporting them adequately, etc.) and maybe best of all, I’m a little crazy. Well…maybe a lot crazy.


There are three goals for this trip:

1) To help raise funds and awareness for the issue of human trafficking

2) To help others understand how they can help, right now

3) To survive in approximately one piece

The issue of human trafficking has become more talked about lately, and is an issue that I believe we, as a society, have an obligation to become knowledgeable about and be involved in. In  2011, I hiked 2,000 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail for the same cause. I want to continue to raise awareness of this cause by doing things that most people don’t normally do, and make it fun and easy for others to help and be involved with.

So please help me reach my goals. If you would like to donate, I have made it very easy to do so, and any amount is gladly welcomed. To follow along on my blog that will have all of the updates from the road, as well as photos and video of the trip as they happen each day, CLICK HERE. To become more knowledgeable about the issue of human trafficking, please CLICK  HERE.

And please, tell a friend, coworker, family member, your grocery store clerk, mechanic, biking or outdoors enthusiast, or pizza delivery person about this ride, so they can follow along as well!

PLEASE also spread the word and follow along! Here’s how:

  • Tell everyone you know!
  • Check out my CrowdRise page!
  • Check out my GoFundMe page!
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Like my Facebook page
  • Follow along on Twitter
  • Share a link to my website on Facebook

I invite you to browse through the rest of the website, and consider donating. Any amount will help, and 100% of every penny goes straight to the organizations I am riding for. It’s my hope that together, we can enjoy this journey as well as make a real difference in the lives of those that have been victims of human trafficking. Let’s make slavery obsolete. Let’s make a difference, together!


Dug Shelby


7 Comments on “HOME”

  1. Normally I leave for work around 8am, but this morning I decided to get in early, and had the random pleasure of crossing paths with Dug at 4am along Mission Gorge at the beginning of his trek. Nice bike, nice journey, nice guy, great cause. Good luck Dug. I look forward to checking in on your progress.

  2. Great talking to you today Dug! I know the Faith of God is being shared all over the USA ! Thank you for speaking up for those in bondage
    in the Sex trafficking world!

  3. I’m a Goleta girl who went to high school with Dug (go, Chargers!) and am following his journey and am completely blown away. Living in CT now and had the thought yesterday that it would be cool to meet up with him upon his arrival in New York. Stay Tuned:)

  4. Hi, Dug. My name is Janice and I live in Atascadero . I just joined a group in SLO that is planning a Justice Summit to address human trafficking. We just wanted to connect with you, let you know we’re “with you”, and let you know about the summit ( website above). Take care.

  5. It was awesome meeting you Dug!! I was the cat you met on the side if the road in San Antonio when you were airing up your tire. I hope the extra tube helps you on your journey man!!

  6. Hey Dug! I don’t remember you that well from high school (I knew Donna better ; )) but I always heard good things & I think that *this* is AWESOME! I got to do a *little* work for Polaris Project about 5 years ago & always think that human trafficking is one of those issues that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. I just think it totally rocks that you’re doing this & wish you only the best!

    ~ MJ (Mollynda *Joyce* Ambrose)

  7. Hi, Dug! I recently looked at my cycling file and found your blog again and realized I never knew if you succeeded on your quest. I bounced over to Instagram and saw that you made it. Well done! Looks like you took the Southern Tier ACA route? I bet you had some hot riding. Way to go.

    Since I last checked in, Jodi, Django, and I cycled the Rocky Mtns. Check out the book on my website, it that interests you.

    I’m really happy for you. That was a tough undertaking, and those few early blog entries had me worried, but you toughened up and got it done. Nice.


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